Japan Introduce English Speaking AI To Improve Student’s Language Skills 

Japan has long been criticized for its low level of English. Japanese learn English for at least six years in school, even though out of 72 countries Japan ranked at 35th in English level. One of the major reason behind this is the poor quality of English education offers by Japanese education system.

Under pressure to improve English skills among both teachers and students, Japan’s Ministry of Education is planning to introduce English speaking AI robots in schools,  according to NHK. The Japanese education ministry will launch a pilot program in 500 schools in April 2019 to test the initiative with the aim of fully implementing it in two years.

AKA, a Korean startup based in the United State will officially begin marketing educational English speaking AI robot “Musio” in Japan from next spring. By using it’s big data, Musio can communicate through speaking, gestures, facial expressions and text. It is not like a voice assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa, Musio think independently and can also remembers conversations and jokes. Musio also chats back to you and shares newly acquired knowledge. Musio learns through each interaction with the user by collecting data and verifying information on the Internet.

“The way Musio communicates and its correct pronunciation will make users feel as if they were living in a different country,” said AKA executive Brian Lee.

Musio’s name is derived from Muse the name of the system used in the robot, which is a reference to the Greek goddesses of inspiration in science, music and art. It is a 20 cm tall robot, weighing just over 300 grams.

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With such English speaking AI robots, Japan’s Ministry of Education is also planing to make study apps and online conversation sessions with native English speakers available to students.

Earlier in 2009, Japan tried out a robot named Saya, it was program to give lesson to fifth-graders. Japan has proposed improving English skills ahead of the surge in tourists expected during the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Here is my question, will you like to get educate from an AI, if yes then what will be that one thing you would like, AI teach you ?


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