Japanese Researchers Build An AI That Identifies Early-Stage Of Stomach Cancer

On Saturday, two Japanese national research institutes find an accurate way powered by artificial intelligence to identify early-stage of stomach cancer with high accuracy. It is a very important breakthrough in stomach cancer treatment.

AI developed by Riken and National Cancer Center is able to correctly to detect cancer in 80 percent of stomach cancer images while displaying 95 percent accuracy for healthy tissue images. Japan Times said, “this AI is able to match the diagnosis abilities of an experienced doctor”.

This AI took only 0.004 seconds to judge whether an endoscopic image showed stomach cancer in the early stages or in normal stomach tissue.

In order to train AI for accurate identification of stomach cancer, a team of researchers employed 100 endoscopic images of early-stage stomach cancer and 100 images of normal stomach tissue to test the AI.

Stomach cancer is the world’s fifth most common cancer. Around  723,000 people die globally in a year because of this cancer. Early signs of stomach cancer are extremely difficult to detect even by a specialist physician.

That’s why most people die because metastasis which eventually starts to develop in their body, Metastasis happens when cancer spreads from the area in which it first developed.

Not only stomach cancer, but researchers are training this AI to diagnose other cancers also. The researchers aim to make their AI available to doctors soon.


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