Oral-B GENIUS X An AI Integrated Toothbrush That Will Make You Brush Well

Artificial Intelligence has many different application, but this one is almost out of mind. Oral-B has come with a toothbrush which is AI integrate that will eventually take care of your health.

At MWC, Oral-B has announced there new toothbrush called Oral-B GENIUS X. The amazing thing about GENIUS X is that it already knows thousands of brushing patterns, which eventually help you to brush properly.

The Oral-B AI has trained over those thousands of brushing patterns, and after a few brushes, it will analyze and understand your brushing style and will teach you how to brush well and also for how much time.

You might think, it is weird and complete waste of technology, but sorry you are wrong.

Typically, most people think that they’re brushing for the recommended time- two minutes, but in fact, on average they’re only doing 30-60 seconds of it and that also in the wrong way.

Better brushing will ultimately lead you to better oral health and less unexpected, costly and painful trips to the dentist.

Oral-B GENIUS X has been designed with dental professionals. The Oral-B team of researchers said that GENIUS X has the ability to understands user own unique brushing style and it will help users to form good brushing habits.

By tracking the users’ activities, and after comparing it with system trained data, the Oral-B GENIUS X will figure out how the user style of brushing is different from best-practice. And then Oral-B GENIUS X will start coaching the user for best.

Oral-B GENIUS X will tell you where are you going wrong by tracking where exactly the user is brushing in your mouth, areas which may be neglected or required more attention can be highlighted

The Oral-B GENIUS X offers personalized feedback on the areas that require additional attention, for better oral health. It combines the knowledge of thousands of human brushing behaviors and helps users to achieve better brushing habits.

Oral-B has designed a sperate app to show all this information. The app has been specially designed to walk the users through each stage of the brushing process.

Oral-B GENIUS X An AI Integrated Toothbrush That Will Make You Brush Well 4

This means that after the regular brushing we can see whether we missed an area in the mouth, used the wrong approach in another and whether we even brushed for the right amount of time at all.

Sensors and electronics built into the toothbrush handle the communicate via Bluetooth to a smartphone application that interprets that data and displays it in a meaningful way in the app.

Oral-B envisages sensors in toothbrushes being used as mini Tricorders of sorts, regularly monitoring each person and building a health profile that could be shared with their doctor, dentist, or other providers.

Oral-B has been offering Bluetooth enabled toothbrushes a long time and have the largest range of Bluetooth enabled models.

Oral-B GENIUS X is an upgrade on the Genius 9000. Unlike its previous Genius models and their position detection system, the new Genius X, will not make use of the front-facing camera of your smartphone.

The size and design of the brush also look to be comparable to existing Genius models, so you can expect the same feel in hand and likely similar battery life too.

The Genius X will be available in white, black, rose gold and orchid purple, colors previously seen in the Genius range. In addition, a new anthracite grey color option is also being made available.

The GENIUS X with Artificial Intelligence comes with a travel case, which can charge not only the toothbrush but a USB device like a smartphone.

The Oral-B GENIUS X, meanwhile, will go on sale later in 2019, the company says. No word on how much this mouth marvel might cost you.

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