Will Artificial Intelligence Change How People Approach Creative Work?

Artificial Intelligence is the machines with the ability to take decisions by there own, which can improve itself with every problem they solved. The man has transformed this super technology into many services whether it is voice-detection technology, suggestive searches or autonomous cars. Its use has expanded so fastly that in future out of every 5 product 3 will be warped with Artificial Intelligence.

Many experts say, AI will replace humans in many fields but there are chases that it can also potentially swings the thinking of people and there approach toward creative things. For example, in today’s World if we look at a painting we know that how much efforts are needed to make such a beautiful masterpiece. But when AI starts to paint, the time and efforts that it will take will be seamlessly much lesser than an artist.

So when time starts to pass and such AI will become a common thing in future, the approach of people towards painting will be casual. It will something as we feel toward our emails and not feel towards letters. Mails are fast and effortless things whereas Letters are time-consuming. And that’s why no one wants Letters and might be that’s why people in the future might not like the time-consuming art and creativity in the future. They want something quick and delightful, and their quickness can only satisfy by Artificial Intelligence. Another major reason is the cost of artwork, as it will be made by AI it will available in abundant and also at less cost, it will likely to be purchased by many.

Artificial Intelligence Jobs

There are already many tools present in market-powered by Artificial Intelligence that can enhance the creative process. AI is already being used to write stories and pop songs. Researchers already using AI to automate basic tasks like tagging images and analyzing data sets. Scientists are also building 3d Printer powered by AI to make craft work.

In a survey conducted by Wrike and EdgePeak Consulting of 1,552 “creative professionals” who work in various fields including design, art, film, video production and advertising. The researchers found that 85% of respondents believed that AI will have a significant impact on their creative output in the next two years. No other emerging technology was expected to have an impact this big.

Artificial Intelligence drawing apple

The magic of creativity and creative people is their ability to understand emotions and to connect with people. And this is what separates us from any other thing in the universe. The desire to create with a purpose and passion is replaceable. Making the raw emotion visible to the world through the spectrum of colors are the things which can only be done an Artist. You know, what ? the power of AI is that they can make perfection a reality, but the truth is that imperfection is part of being real and authentic.

We don’t know future we can only predict it. In today’s world, AI still is in a development stage. In order to make AI more efficient, many companies are considering investing in AI. Daren Poole, global head of creative at Kantar’s insights division, said  AI may not yet be ready to play in the creative space, he advised marketers to start applying the 70:20:10 principle. “Seventy percent of the budget should be invested in tried and tested methods; 20% in less tried [areas]; and 10% in new ideas.”

Artificial Intelligence Skills
Artificial Intelligence Skills

In my opinion the artificial is artificial and original is original. AI cannot replace the creative thinkers of the world. I believe creatives will survive but I definitely believe they will need to change their skill set and also their remit otherwise yes there will become a day when they are left behind.

What do you think, will Artificial Intelligence change how people approach creative work? Will you buy a painting made by AI?

Have a great day!

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