Scientists Train An AI To Digitally Add BIKINIS Onto Nude Photos Of Women

Availability of internet to everyone, it some how means availability of porn and other adult content to everyone. In today’s world they are just one click away from users. A child can easily get addicted to it. Note that more than 90 percent of boys and almost two-thirds of girls have reported seeing online pornography before the age of 18. Addiction to pornography not only adversely affect that person, but too society also. It is found that most of the people who turn into rapist are highly addicted to porn.

In order to make internet a safer place and to put an end to revenge porn, researchers from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, developed the system in the hopes of automatically detect and ban nude images. Scientists have trained an artificial intelligence system to draw bikinis on photos of nude women rather than simply blocking media that contains nudity.

As per paper published in IEEE International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN) this AI algorithm built by Catholic University is know as generative adversarial networks which ‘learn’ to perform tasks by recognizing patterns commonly found in a set of images. It’s current basic work is to put digital bikinis on photos of nude women. The AI connected the patterns learned from each set of images to create a system that automatically adds bikinis to racy photos.

AI bikinis  The top row shows the real images (manually censored). The middle and bottom rows show the same images with bikinis added by AI (Image: Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)
The top row shows the real images (manually censored). The middle and bottom rows show the same images with bikinis added by AI (Image: Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)

The researchers train the generative adversarial AI networks on many platforms. Researchers from Catholic University showed it images of women wearing bikinis, to teach the system what the swimwear looks. By looking at examples of almost 2,000 pictures of women both naked and bikini-clad the AI can take an image of a lady in her birthday suit, figure out where to place a bikini and create a new, more modest shot.

Dr Barros said “When we train the network, it attempts to learn how to map data from one domain nude pictures to another domain swimsuit pictures. The distribution of the images from both domains are quite different.”

While this AI is performing well and showing appropriate results, it is still in it’s development stage. This AI struggles with background between nude and swimwear photos. Sometimes the computer-drawn bikinis don’t look realistic enough, and in some examples they are lopsided, too skimpy, or not well positioned to cover up enough skin.

Dr Barros said “One thing that we noticed in particular is that several of our swimsuit images are photo-shoot pictures, shot on a white background, while the background of the nude pictures is often quite complex.The network, therefore, implicitly learns to associate “background types” for each domain. Thus, when translating, the background is often disturbed significantly.”

This technology could be used for good, but the researchers warn that it could also be used in reverse to erase bikinis from images. The technology could used for taking photos of bikini-clad ladies and putting anatomically correct body parts in. People could also end up using software like this to create a new kind of deep fakes, which gained widespread attention after videos began circulating of unwitting victims, usually celebrities, inserted into pornographic films with the help of AI.

Dr Barros said “Once training is done, we can safely discard the model that maps from domain Y (swimsuit pictures) to domain X (nude pictures) and keep only the model that we are interested in. We would like to emphasize that removing clothing was never our intended goal, it is merely a side-effect of the method, which is discarded anyway.”

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