Batman Movie Script Written By AI After Watching 1000 Hours Footage

Well, I don’t know if you are a Batman fan or not, but if you are an AI enthusiastic then this Batman movie script written by AI bot will definitely going to make you crazy.

The next movie of Batman is likely to come in 2021 but in the meantime, DC fans are doing what they can to get their Caped Crusader fix. One of such DC fan grab an AI bot with him and watch the old episodes with it.

Keaton Patti is the name of this fan and he has created an AI bot whose specialty is writing scripts. Keaton Patti has trained his bot over mover than 1,000 hours of Batman films.

Recently on his twitter handle, Patti explains his process and shared the first full page of the script. That one page contains more talking points than perhaps all of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Keaton Patti said “I forced a bot to watch over 1,000 hours of Batman movies and then asked it to write a Batman movie of its own. Here is the first page.”

The New Yorker, and Comedy Central has also posted the first page of a Batman movie script written by an AI. The result is the script below. It must be read to be believed.

Batman Movie Script Written By AI After Watching 1000 Hours Footage Batman Movie Script Written By AI After Watching 1000 Hours Footage

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First up, it’s very funny. And lines like “Eat a dinner, Mattress Wayne” and “I drink bats, just like a bat would!” have a certain A1 vibe to them.

The thing kicks off with our hero in the Batcave, who is celebrating as the city is now safe because he, and this is a direct quote, “punched a penguin into prison.” Things get even weirder.

Alfred is Bruce Wayne’s “batler” who refers to him as “mattress Wayne,” as opposed to Master Wayne. And that’s just within the first few lines. To say that things get exponentially more insane from there would be an understatement.

The page revolves around Joker and Two-Face busting into the Batcave who hate him for “being a bat.” As with any good Batman story, we must be reminded that his parents are dead.

However, one has to wonder what the AI was computing when it had Batman say, “Alfred, give birth to Robin.” Readers have to give the AI credit, though, for the joke of an expired coupon for new parents, and the line, “Happy batday, Birthman.”

This script written by the AI though is enough to get just about anyone laughing within the first couple of pages. Hopefully, Patti posts the remaining pages so readers can see what happens next.

The expired coupon for parents? The flipping of Alfred? They just feel a bit too good for a bot, unless Patti’s got a next-level AI from the future that’s come back to stop Connors, in which case he’s really burying the lede.

When it comes to Batman you don’t really expect to laugh since his story isn’t all that comical, but this script will no doubt have you busting up after a while since it’s hard not to laugh at the absurdities that the AI decided to throw in there.

The moment a computer program can think around corners and go psychotic as the average fiction writer, then it might be time to worry since our jobs could be in jeopardy.

It’s impossible to predict where a full AI-written Batman movie would go, but it would certainly be worth a read based on this one page. As for when we’ll get an actual live-action movie centered on the Dark Knight.

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    Can you please stop with 1000 hrs of movie AI, fist even if you combine all movies there isn’t 1000 hrs worth of Batman second it’s not some technological feat it’s stupidity. There are so many things wrong with it but just to summarise only people who have no clue what ML is and still want to do something in AI will do this stupid stuff.

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