SpeakSee allows Deaf Person to Join a Group Conversation

There is no doubt in saying that Internet and Computers has totally change our daily life, and make it more easier to live. Desktop and Mobile Apps market has highly gone up, and therefore when we need any help, there are tons of application are available there in our App Store or Google Store for every situation. SpeakSee is one of the example of apps that making the task easy and it is specially design for a deaf person so that he/she can easily have conversation with others.

While there are already many application available for translating speach to text so a deaf person can read and understand, but most of the time users complaints of it’s inability to work in noisy an crowded environment.

Where as SpeakSee works on speech recognition. It even help in situations where someone instead of hearing needs to talk like a meeting, a chat at dinner, asking questions like directions and so on. SpeakSee perform well and gives better results then any other application. With it’s clever hardware design it minimizes the feel of setup friction and look like natural conversation. The basic setup consists of a mic docking station/charger, three Wi-Fi wireless mics, and an iOS/Android app. Each of the mic is clipped to the shirt of a person who is involved in a conversation. It use it’s special technology called beam-forming, which help him to recognize the person voice only, not the background sound.


SpeakSee Techgrabyte

SpeakSee is simple in construction and easy to use. It consist of clip-on microphones live in a little charger case, so when users feels to have a conversation they hand those microphones out to whoever will be talking, system pick up the person voice and whatever he is taking with it’s beam-forming technology. Here the case acts as a wireless hub for the mics, the recognize audio is sent to smartphone, the application transcribes the audio data and display the statement on users smartphone screen. It supports over 120 languages and variants. Transcription is free for up to 5 hours of audio monthly, after which it’s a $10/month subscription. If this system really works well, the cost shouldn’t going to be an issue.

SpeakSee Techgrabyte

If we talk about the battery life, then the battery life for the mics ranges is about two to four hours per charge, depending on how much user use it. The docking station can also be used while not plugged into an outlet, with its battery good for about eight hours of use. Company says that they will ship the product in February of 2019. The pre-orders price is set at $350, with of $249 getting backers a 1-mic solo kit, and $379 getting them a 3-mic basic kit. The estimated retail price for the basic kit is $699.

SpeakSee was created by Dutch entrepreneur Jari Hazelebach who is working with his company co-founder Marcel van der Ven. Jari Hazelebach has grew up with two deaf parents who often had difficulty following family conversations. SpeakSee is a great product for deaf people and if Jari get successful in the creation of a quality product, it will be not less then any blessing. Jari I’ll pray for you and for your team success.

Source: Indiegogo

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