Scientists Trained AI To Write Poetry, It’s Standing Toe-To-Toe With Shakespeare

Poetry is one of those finest art which can easily make you feel the emotion deep down to your heart. There are many Poets in history weather it is William Shakespeare or Emily Dickinson, tell us that only one single colour of ink can also paint the beautiful picture with strokes of words and imagination. Poetry is a field that only associate with human, and why not humans are only one who can write poetry.

Actually no, this statement will no longer going to be true, like every other field Artificial Intelligence is ready to replace human in Poetry also. Computer scientists University of Melbourne in Australia and University of Toronto in Canada has developed an algorithm capable of writing poetry following the rules of rhyme and metre. This AI algorithm follows this rules, takes the metre into account as it weaves its words.

This AI is trained extensively on the rules it needed to follow to craft an acceptable poem. This algorithm has trained over 2,600 real sonnets. The algorithm analyze them to teach itself how the words worked with each other. Within no time it soon start to mimics the iambic pentameter and rhyming pattern of the poems most famously written by ol’ Bill Shakespeare himself. The rhymes and metre in the machine-generated poetry were more precise than in human-written poems. It is capable of tricking humans into thinking that its poems were penned by AI.

Jey Han, one of the researchers on the project said  “While the application itself may not seem directly relevant to real-world applications, the underlying machinery of our model shares the same core algorithm that drives other problems that require generation.”

Adam Hammond, a University of Toronto English professor said “I’m excited to see what’s possible, but I’m very skeptical. I think it’s quite easy to have a deep learning model spit out lines of verse in rhyming iambic pentameter. It’s much, much, much, much harder to train it to have an opinion, or a feeling, or a desire, or a story to tell.”

In order to know who actually win in Poetry writing the bot’s verses were mixed with human-written poems, and then scoured by volunteers, the readers were split 50-50 over who wrote them. That is a pretty surprising result, which will definitely boost the confidence of this AI. Some improvement are still needed related to errors in wording and grammar. Researchers want to fine-tune the algorithm so that it sticks to a single topic, or design an algorithm that can write short fiction.

If you are interested in reading the paper describing the work, it is available to read online.

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