Rolls-Royce Is Building Cockroach Like Robot For Plane Engine Maintenance

Rolls-Royce the British luxury carmaker this days showing a great passion about innovative technology. Recently after the announcement of  Flying Taxi, Rolls-Royce has came with a new idea. Company is looking froward to build innovative robots for carrying out engine maintenance on future aircraft. Rolls-Royce name this project as IntelligentEngine project.

At Farnborough Air show happens on 16 July, Rolls-Royce laid out their plans of snake and insect-swarm-inspired robots. This robots crawl inside the engines to carry out inspections and perform maintenance.

The company devoted £1.4 billion on research and development. The firm teamed up with the University of Nottingham and Harvard University for the development of such robots.

This robots will save plenty of time and facilitates a quick maintenance work as possible while the engine is on the wing of a plane. In usual scenario if you want to repair or to do the maintenance of engines, you need to remove the plane engines from wings, which disturbs the airlines.

Implementation of such robots will allow Rolls-Royce to carry the maintenance work while the engines are in place, which will ultimately saves the time and money for airlines, and also reduces costs for Rolls-Royce as the maintenance provider.

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As a report by Digital Trends Dr. James Kell, wing technology specialist at Rolls-Royce said –We are in the process of developing a number of miniature devices that enable us to get inside the jet engine to perform inspections or repairs. Repairs can be in the form of removing damaged material or putting material back on. To allow us to perform these repairs, we are working with an extensive network of partners to develop mechatronic probes — similar in nature to keyhole surgery techniques.

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The design of robots will be inspired by cockroaches and snakes. This robots will measure around 10 mm in diameter. The robots will enter the engine through a small a long, thin flexible tube to do the maintenance work, for those robots this tube will a dark tunnel . No wonder that we will soon see this technology in Rolls-Royce luxury cars also.

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