PUBG Mobile Servers DOWN, Here what you should know

PUBG Mobile Update 0.6.0, Patch Notes Coming for Tencent Android iOS has to wait

The most lovable and action packed game PUBG has get down. Things are such that the gamers who were trying to log in there accounts found that the game isn’t responding properly. Fans have confirmed about this news that PUBG servers are down.

PUBG Mobile Update 0.6.0, Patch Notes Coming for Tencent Android iOS has to wait

A statement has release from PUBG Mobile support team that there servers will be off for 6 hours. The reason which for Tencent has brought the Mobile servers down so that they can perform there scheduled maintenance work. Maintenance has now started and it seems that it will last another six hours before servers go back online, which means that player has to wait at least for 6 hours for getting back in action. In United States, this latest server maintenance could keep players off until 2am. For UK, the players hasto wait up to 8am, BST.

This process might get extent more than 6 hours if company finds any issues regarding serves functionality; things are that they are also looking to cut out all the previous bugs and release a latest better version out for there fans. The company is also looking to increase the graphics quality of PUBG for better user experience. I know this down time really SUCKS ! cause I’m also PUBG addicted gamer.

Tencent also releases the latest update for iOS and Android, PUBG Mobile update will be available to download after servers are back online. This game which is specially design and made for touchscreen devises, but looking at the dramatic growth Tencent is planing to release emulator, so that you can enjoy it now by keyboard and mouse.

What will be new in update ?

If we talk about major changes in PUBG  by Tencent, then it will be new Royale Pass that might create some excitement in players. There is rumors that this pass will allow players to complete missions for loot. Company also planing to add a new “Mini-Zone” in the upcoming update along with this there will be new first-person perspective and the Royale Pass Season 1 In PUBG company is looking to change the way the weapons are get in to use, they will also be available to view in the Armoury.

So Guys keep patience improvements are happening so that your experience can get improve. What is your current status in PUBG let me know the reason in comment box.

Have a great day !

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