This Mobile Airbag, will now protect your phone from damage

I know how harsh does it feel when your most valuable gadget the Smartphone accidentally falls down and receives some serious damage and cracks, specially on the screen. But don’t worry there is now a Mobile Airbag invented for your smartphone, Yes a Airbag and this time not for cars but for your smartphone.

There are lots of options available in market, but when we hear there price most of them costed more then the repair price of  the smartphone. There is a German engineering student from Aalen University, name Philip Frenzel, a 25-year-old guy has has invented a ‘mobile airbag’ case design that automatically deploys when a phone is dropped. Frenzel has came up with this idea when his own smartphone get breaks. Necessity is the mother of invention has once gain get proof. Their cue from automakers, companies such as Amazon and Sony filed patents outlining designs for miniaturized airbag systems that inflate when the system detects the phone is falling.

The design begins with a thin protective case. It comprises with sensors that detect the free fall of a phone; on the outside there are four springs that came into action when they detect that the phone is free falling. The sensors releases the four springs that cause the phone bounces on the surface, damping the impact when it hits the ground, which prevents your phone from getting scratches. One notable advantage over airbag systems is that the device can be quickly reset by pushing the prongs back inside the case. This mobile airbag is not available for purchase yet. Frenzel says that next month he plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for his creation.

This solution is called AD (active damping) phone case. Frenzel has acquired a patent and also received an award from the German Society of Mechatronics for his invention.

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