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Microsoft Surface Phone, the most mysterious topic rising in tech industry. We’ve seen numerous concepts, patents, and tidbits of information from a variety of sources and the company has neither confirmed nor denied those rumors.

A latest video has been launched, There seems to be some momentum building around a foldable Windows 10 device (like ZTE Axon M) running on an ARM processor, from other PC OEMs and also possible from Microsoft.

In a very short history of smartphone we have various design of smartphones, As part of a 100-day design challenge, Harry Dohyun Kim has rendered what an actual Surface Phone would look like, with the hybrid phone/tablet/mini-laptop featuring striking Surface Pro design cues.

In seems like the design of the phone is pretty similar to concept that ZTE Axon M, which blow my mind and still blowing.

Microsoft kills windows phone

It’s finally official that Microsoft is turing off the windows phone, the mobile phone operating system. In a tweet on October 8 Microsoft’s head of Windows, Joe Belfiore wrote that the company would no longer “support the platform.

Microsoft purchases

If you want any hint that Microsoft will launch Surface Phone in future, then look no Reddit user’s discovery in late January 2016. It appears that Microsoft owns, and the company even went as far as redirecting it to the main Surface website.

At last make sure you must watch this video it will blow your mind and give a pretty decent idea about next Microsoft Surface Phone.

At last make sure to watch this video it will give you the decent idea about this Microsoft Surface Phone.

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