Microsoft “POCKETABLE SURFACE DEVICE” Confirmed in leaked documents

Microsoft has been working on a new mysterious Surface device for at least two years, codenamed Andromeda, this is the name of the secret project under which Microsoft engineers are building the new phone, which will have a foldable screen. Back in April there was leaked regarding the Microsoft patents, a new report now seems to confirm that Microsoft is indeed working on a “pocket-able Surface device”. This new Microsoft device will have dual-display design. According to the Verge, Microsoft internal documents says “It’s a new pocketable Surface device form factor that brings together innovative new hardware and software experiences to create a truly personal and versatile computing experience” .

Things are not clear whether Microsoft use a Intel or Qualcomm processor for the device. Company has recently found experimenting with ARM processors inside the prototype build of the Andromeda.

Microsoft really working hard to blur the lines between Pc’s and Mobile devices. Windows 10 code revealed that Andromeda can transform itself into five form factors depending on users usage, Andromeda can transform between closed, flat, convex, concave, and full modes. Andromeda can be opened like a book and company also adding stylus input for the Andromeda. The devices is still under construction and rumors to have a wraparound display that bridges the gap of the hinge when it’s fully opened. Where as in a prototype device includes styluses and notepad-like apps to capture notes. The device will have a metal body with USB Type-C port on the side and Windows branding on the front.

There is a another report release by the publication named Thurrot, claims to got access to a internal document which stated that the Andromeda is scheduled to be released in 2018, which in my point of you doesn’t looking to happens. We all know Microsoft isn’t a dominant player in Mobile devices, and all this efforts by the Microsoft is only for creating a totally different image in audiences, by creating a totally different category for there devices, same as like they do with there Surface Laptops. There is a rumor about OS, that Andromeda will have a tweaked version of Windows 10 OS. The new software is expected to retain core Windows 10 features. It will have CShell, a new UI that adapts itself according to the position of the device.

After the failure of Windows Phone, the Surface Phone – or at least a phone-like device – seemed inevitable. Mobile is just too central to our everyday lives for Microsoft to give up on, and we know it’s been dreaming of a pocketable Surface forever. I hope this devices will come with lots of surprises. In term of competition, Surface Phone will get competition from Samsung’s foldable Galaxy X, which also feature dual-display design.

Are you exited about Microsoft’s Andromeda, let me know me know in comment box.

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