Lenovo Smart Display Powered By Google Assistant, Ready To Take on Amazon Echo Show

When I first saw devises like Google Home and Amazon’s Echo I find them as a fun thing. I personally spends lot of time with Amazon Echo Plus. This Voice Assistants are really smart, fast and accurate. You can ask them Football scorers, weather information and they can even play song for you. But when I ask them to play a video or show some images, they fail to do so. I know the fault is mine, I’m asking a fish to fly for me.

Overcoming this kind of issues Amazon recently come with the Amazon Echo Show and to take on Echo Show now Lenovo has come with Smart Display. Smart Display is a new category of consumer devises. But what is Lenovo Smart Display ? In short I can describe it as a Google Home with a big display screen created under Lenovo brand.

Smart Displays are Google Assistant-powered. You can talk to the Google Assistant and ask it whatever you’d like. Since it also have a screen it straightly cut all the limitation that we faces with a voice integrate or voice controlled assistant. With the addition of this screen you get a visual elements to go along with your questions/commands. The device also supports customized routines.

This Lenovo Smart Display was first announced at CES 2018 back in January. Lenovo Smart Display offers you two options in screen size. A smaller version with an HD IPS 8-inch 1280×800 pixel screen and there will be a HD IPS 10-inch screen with a resolution of 1920×1200 touchscreen. The bigger version will cost you $250 and the smaller one will be available at $200. It has a 5-MP webcam at front. Both models have a 10W speaker.

The Lenovo Smart Display runs on Qualcomm’s 624 Home Hub platform. I don’t know on what OS it actually running. Lenovo says that the software is a “Android Things” with a Google Assistant overlay. OEMs have control over hardware, but Google controls the software.

Like we see in Amazon Echo Show, the Smart Display does not holds any apps. The Smart Display has a full-blown web browser. But this Smart Display is not a tablet so because of that you aren’t able to browse other sites of your choice on this device. It fully function on your command and prioritize the result on it’s own priority.

You’ll be able to use the Lenovo Smart Display to watch YouTube, listen to Spotify, tune into podcasts via Google Podcasts, follow step-by-step recipes with Food Network, catch up with your favorite HBO Now shows, and much more. It simply level up the traditional smart speaker experience through the addition of a built-in screen.

Lenovo Smart Display is a good devise, but it cost allot. I means it doesn’t going to add any new value to your life. I also don’t like that you can’t use it as tablet and you also can’t download any other apps on it. In my opinion instead of spending bucks on it I’ll go with my Pixel Phone.

If you want to read a detail review article on Lenovo Smart Display click on below, Engadget has cover it in detail.

In Depth Review of Lenovo Smart Display -Engadget

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