Huawei Overtook Apple And Become World’s 2nd Largest Smartphone Seller

Apple is a another name of dominance in mobile industry. We all know how big Apple is from there distribution network to there sells. But there dominance of decades is on slide. On Tuesday Apple falls on third place in market share of worldwide smartphone shipments in June Quarter 2018. Huawei has surpassed Apple and become the second largest smartphone vendor.

“The arrival of Huawei in the second position marks the first quarter since 2Q10 where Apple has not been the number one or two smartphone company in terms of market share,” IDC said in its press release.

Not only IDC (International Data Corporation) but Counterpoint Research and Canalys all reported that Chinese smartphone maker Huawei beat Apple and account second place in worldwide smartphone shipments, based on the number of devices both firms shipped in the quarter that ended on June 30.

The Chinese smartphone makers have been gaining influence as their domestic market grows and they expand abroad. Huawei has been expanding aggressively in Europe and Africa, though it is blocked from the US. The popularity of its flagship P20 smartphone and the growth of its Honor sub-brand in markets like India was one of the major reason behind there massive sells. Another reason behind the success of Huawei is it’s selling strategy –adding more top-end features into its flagship smartphones and making it available to customer at a reasonable price.

Huawei has shipped over 54 million handsets in the second quarter compared to the 41.3 million. It is a great increase in shipment, Huawei shipment has raise to 15.8 percent of the market from 11 percent last year. Huawei shipped close to 4 million Honor-branded smartphones outside of China for the quarter, representing a 150 percent increase from the same period last year.

If we compare to Apple, Apple has shipped about 41.3 million units for 0.7 percent growth against the comparable year-ago period. For Apple, that’s up from 11.8 percent during the year-ago quarter. You will be surprised by knowing that Apple sold 215 million iPhones in all of 2017, while Huawei sold 153 million.

If we talk about winner then Samsung leads the market with 20.9 percent market share after shipping out 71.5 million devices for the quarter.

Where as the overall smartphone market fell to 1.8 percent annual in the June quarter from 0.3 in the 2017.

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