Google’s Gmail has now Packed with AI for Smarter Email Notifications

Gmail is always a useful application not only for us to say connect with our all official work but for google too. Gmail is a important product of company; helps to keep there dominance in market and continuously generate profit. To make Gmail more customer friendly Google has come up with a new feature. In my way it is a bold step by Google to offers customer something different then traditional. Google’s Gmail is now will be more smart.

If you are using Gmail for long time you know that we somehow start to fill our inbox with many other things which are unwanted to us and also with promotional mails. And that really SUCKS ! To get rid out from this problem and to give customer a smooth experience Google has now packed the Gmail with it’s futures focus product the AI, in short Google’s Gmail will be now AI integrate. It will offer you a option that whether you want the notifications of mails as AI priorities.

In short Google’s Gmail will keep a keen eye on what activities are you doing in Gmail and will trace them down and at the end it will prepare a report of your activities. In this report Gmail will note down all the mail you read, which sender mail you read most often. It will not only look at the mail you read also the content quality too, so it can prioritize the notifications for you.

To enable this option,

1) Open your Gmail iPhone app,

2) Tap on Settings option,

3) In the Notifications drop-down menu,

4) Select “High Priority only” to make only relevant emails appear.


Google's Gmail

Credit- G Suite

If we talk about Android OS, users has to wait for little; G Suite team promised it would make the feature available “soon”, but does not gave any specific timeline. If some people are thinking that Google will use this feature for collecting user data and to target there ads, then you are wrong. Google is no longer doing such filthy things. Company is using AI to redirect your emails into categories like Social and Promotion earlier and now they are looking generate more accurate results for you.  This new feature is part of Google IO 2018 last month. In my opinion with this new feature Google is focusing on sharping there AI technology by continuously analyzing users activity so that in future they should appears as a major market player in AI. The more they train there the accurate result they can generate and that’s what google all mean with.

So Guys whats your opinion about this new feature let me know the reason in comment box.

Have a great day !

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