Google Cameos: A New Q&A App Lets Celebs Personally Answer Your Questions

Google is now more then a search engine, it’s internet services like YouTube or Gmail are now all over the web. Following this lineup, Google has introduced a new video-based Q&A application named Cameos that will make your search about celebrities little more interesting and easier.

Cameos is about connecting fans with there favorite celebrities. The app allows celebrities to see the top questions people on the internet wants to answers, so they can pick and choose the queries they want to answer. Once the celebrity start to use the app, Google will push them more questions needed to answer as a way to make sure that content remains timely.

After then if celebrity wants to answer any question they like, he/she has to record a video with their iPhone camera featuring the answers. Google says the response to the question will be posted quickly to Google search results, so that users can find the videos when they search for a celebrity. Here is a sample of what the mobile search result looks like for the search [can will ferrell really play the drums].

Google Cameos New Application

Cameos is currently only available on the iOS App Store. Any iPhone user can download the app but once downloaded most people won’t be able to use it. Cameos requires that access is granted by Google before it can be used. It is basically a quick way for Google to get video content answers into the search results.

It’s concept is similar to a Reddit-style AMA (Ask Me Anything) session and Instagram’s new Q&A feature, launched this July.

The App Store description says: “App that enables fans to engage with their favourite people and lets talent on the Cameo platform fulfill video shoutout requests from fans.”

Cameo is an extension of the  “Posts on Google” platform which has been slowly rolling out over the past couple of years.

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