Forget Dance Classes, With This New AI Deepfake Your Dance Moves

Too lazy for dance classes? Don’t know those classy moves? Don’t worry, with this new AI tool you can now show your dance moves like Beyonce and Michael Jackson. It is an another deep learning system that transfer the motion between human subjects in different videos.

The creator of this AI is a group of researchers from University of California. This new AI read’s the movements of the subject’s body in one video, and then generate a new video of a completely different person’s body more or less performing those actions. The team describes it as “a simple method for ‘do as I do’ motion transfer.”

This new AI is pretty similar to a deepfake AI, the videos that place a person’s face onto another’s body, but this time it’s all about the boogie. Deepfake is an AI-based human image blending technique. It is utilized in merging and superimposing existing images and videos on the original photos and videos.

According to the UC Berkeley research paper “Everybody dance now” published on arXIV, one algorithm creates a virtual skeleton creates a virtual skeleton of the test subject, it detect various points of the source’s body and creating a similar movement. Then, another skeleton figure is made of the source video. The algorithms square off against each other to create a morph picture. At the end, with the help of GAN (Generative Adversarial Networks) which is a deep learning algorithm, it create a more realistic face for subjects as their virtual bodies twirl around.

To be able to provide motion in the video through frame-by-frame, you will have to understand the mapping of images between two people. Thus, the aim is to explore an image-to-image transfer between the source and target videos sets. You do need the test subject to move around for a short while to get reference material.

“With our framework, we create a variety of videos, enabling untrained amateurs to spin and twirl like ballerinas, perform martial arts kicks or dance as vibrantly as pop stars,” the researchers wrote.

The researchers also claim that they can showcase not just dance moves but can also “create a variety of videos, enabling untrained amateurs to spin and twirl like ballerinas, perform martial arts kicks or dance as vibrantly as pop stars.

The end product of this AI is fascinating, but the video still requires some clever work. One would can easily see blurry images, jittering and sometimes even missing body parts. The dancer also has to wear body-fighting clothes as the network won’t be able to model loose ones correctly.

The research paper is available online, READ

Source: (PDF)Caroline Chan (YouTube)

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