Flipkart Is Openly Selling Pirated Cracked PC Games On It’s Website

Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal started Flipkart, with no doubt is India’s largest online retailer. Flipkart controls almost 40% of the entire market. Flipkart this name doesn’t carry a large global dominance, but after Walmart purchased 77 per cent stakes in Flipkart, this Indian E-commerce website is all set to expand globally.

Like every other online retailers, Flipkart also offers a wide range of genuine and authentic products to its consumers. Company also sale PC games on there website. But the thing that catches the attention is that they are available at heavily discounted prices.

Flipkart is under a big question. A tweet claims that the Company is selling pirated products on their website. This tweet is made by Vidit Sahni. He tweeted that the Flipkart is selling plenty of PC games on it’s website, which are listed for “offline use only”.

Vidit Sahni is a resident of New Delhi in India. He said that while he was browsing Flipkart he came across an advert for JBD FIFA 18 EA SPORTS, which was offered for the princely sum of 799 rupees – around US$11.66. The JBD FIFA 18 EA SPORTS was available at a 50% off then it’s retail price with a description “NOTE: THERE IS A CRACK ONLY NO DIGITAL CODE,” at the bottom right corner of the listing . Which clearly indicate that the Flipkart is openly selling pirated cracked PC games on it’s website.

Flipkart techgrabyte

It’s quite surprising that the Flipkart with no fear is openly selling pirated cracked games for purchase on it’s website. In hurry Company removed these listings from its website. The actual behavior from the Indian E-commerce website hasn’t been good, and it is quite astounding that such an act was allowed in the first place.

Flipkart techgrabyte

In repose to Vidit question, Flipkart disapproving the question itself. Flipkart stated –“Reason for not-approving the question: Irrelevant question”.

It’s also seem that the companies like EA will file a complaint against Flipkart. Companies can file a case on Flipkart for violating there copyright policies.

TorrentFreak contacted Flipkart. TorrentFreak message saying that our query had been noted and would be answered within 24 hours.

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