Facebook patents two Eye-Tracking Technology, but denies to use it

The giant social media company Facebook has filed two patent regarding Facebook for detecting eye movements and emotions,. But Company has denied they were building eye-tracking software in its response to questions from Congress released Monday. Company has given written response to unanswered questions from Congress on its data use, privacy policy its ad-based business model and potential uses by lawmakers in April. Facebook said “Like many companies, we apply for a wide variety of patents to protect our intellectual property. Right now we’re not building technology to identify people with eye-tracking cameras,” Company has wrote in a 229-page response to a set of questions from the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee.

“If we implement this technology in the future, we will absolutely do so with people’s privacy in mind, just as we do with movement information (which we anonymize in our systems).”

Fortune reported on Wednesday.

Over to this Facebook confirm that if it ever did build out the technology, it would take privacy into account. Company holds two patents of, the first one called Techniques for Emotion Detection and Content Delivery which was filed in February 2014. The second one is called Dynamic Eye Tracking Calibration and which was filed in October 2017. Facebook said that this two technology  patent are going to contribute in the increase of security level for people when they log into Oculus or access Oculus content and could lower down then consumer friction.

Oculus is a virtual reality platform that Facebook bought in 2014. Senate committee chairperson John Thune of South Dakota, put’s a questions in front of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at the hearing which were unanswered at the time and the company has now replied back saying “We believe that it’s important to communicate with people about the information that we collect and how people can control it. Privacy is at the core of everything we do, and our approach to privacy starts with our commitment to transparency and control.” This social media company has already been in the middle of a years-long privacy lawsuit based on the Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA). Facebook is accused of violating user privacy by collecting data derived from Facebook users’ faces in photographs.

So, if Facebook really want to do good in there business then they have to be solid and transparent with there privacy policy and activities to there user.

So Guys what’s you view about this Facebook new patents, let me know in comment box.

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