Elon Musk’s Twitter Account Hacked Again, Impersonator Promises Free Cryptocurrency

Twitter is attempting hard to ban scammers and impersonators on its platform. Recently the social media giant has suspended more than 70 million accounts in the mount of May and June. Despite of all it’s attempt, on Thursday one impersonator hack the Tesla Chairman and CEO Elon Musk’s Twitter account. The impersonator uses a fake lookalike verified account. Through Musk’s account the impersonator promises his 22.5 million followers free Bitcoin and ethereum cryptocurrencies.

In the name of Elon Musk the impersonator wrote in a fake statement –As many of you know by now, we will soon be making Tesla a private company. It is an important step towards stability and it would be impossible to move forward in a desirable pace without making such decision.

“As a part of reorganization we will be introducing Bitcoin and Ethereum as official payment methods,” he said, adding that “it is one of the steps in moving forward as a company”.

Some of his users, however, who fell for the fake account, took to his thread line: “Report this account, already stealing from people bitcoins,” wrote one user. “How did it get verified,” asked another. The head of SpaceX and Tesla has witnessed such attacks on his Twitter account in the past that use fraudulent accounts to trick his followers into sending them cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum.

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“I want to know who is running the Etherium scambots! Mad skillz,” Musk had earlier tweeted.  Twitter issue a statemen in which the company said that they are working on ways of bringing the issue under control. “We’re aware of this form of manipulation and are proactively implementing a number of signals to prevent these types of accounts from engaging with others in a deceptive manner,” The Verge reported, quoting the statement.

It is not the first that Musk’s Twitter account get hacked. Back in 2015 Musk’s Twitter account was get hacked for first time. The account hacking has been claimed by the hacker group “Lizard Squad”.

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