Chinese WMDOLL Makes Sex Dolls Powered By Artificial Intelligence

Robots are not new, over the period of time they have mastered many different skills of humans, but even after so much progress in one part, most of the robots lags is the emotion. When we interact with them, we get a rough feeling, we can easily identify that they are not human.

China’s company called WMDOLL is making such robots, which will exactly look like humans, but the intention of this company is a little weird. WMDOLL is making Sex Dolls powered by Artificial Intelligence. They may not come close to Westworld-like intelligence, but the sheer volume of these robots hint at a growing industry and changing attitudes towards sexuality.

WMDOLL is one of China’s biggest sex doll makers. It is a southeastern based province of Guangdong. WMDOLL is experimenting with the cutting-edge AI sex dolls from a long time. With its new sex dolls company is looking to engage their customers in some post-romp pillow talk with their beloved dolls. The dolls are made by Shenzhen Atall Intelligent Robot Technology.

WMDOLL sex dolls techgrabyte

WMDOLL offers sex dolls in various styles and designs. WMDOLL claim that their latest version of sex dolls can perform some ranging simple conversation, they can your answer questions.

The dolls use vocabulary by connecting to a database supported by Chinese tech giant Baidu, to answer questions. At further this dolls can roll their vacant eyes and can also move there arms and torsos.

Customers can personalize their dolls by choosing various appearance options including height, hairstyle, and eye color. Horny customers can personalize the pleasure models also.

WMDOLL admits improving the features has been difficult partly because experts aren’t interested in putting much effort into developing AI technology for adult products. The company says its main customers for the robots – including the sick childlike models – are men aged between 40-50 years old.

“Of course we’re not expecting to make our AI dolls that human-like, after all, we’re just making adult products,” said Liu Ding, WMDOLL product manager. “But we will surely add more advanced technologies… for example making the limbs move more naturally.”

WMDOLL sex dolls techgrabyte

The production of this dolls happens at WMDOLL factory in Zhongshan. The factory produces around 2,000 dolls a month, including dozens of different shapes of body and over 260 different faces. The exports account for 80 percent of WMDOLL sales, and half of their overseas shipments go to the United States. Dolls with tanned skin color are the most popular in overseas markets.

WMDOLL says it has sold more than 20 of the AI dolls, which are priced between 10,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan ($1,470 to $7,350), compared with their annual sales of 20,000 dolls.

For more information and to order the sex doll you can check there website. (click)

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