Apple Has Filed New Patent For 2018 MacBook Pro Keyboard

Apple has a habit of experimentation, whether it is MacBook or iPhone. Most of the time there aim is to slim down the product, offers new software working at much faster speed and more powerful hardware.

Following this series of experimentation Apple has filed new patents regarding MacBook design, reported by Mashable. The patent was published by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

One of the patent applications describes that the traditional area at where the keyboard get fits will get replace by a conventional keyboard with technology similar to the Touch Bar. Apple describe the keyboard areas as “morphing virtual interface”, which allow users to interact with a variety of keyboard and input interfaces. The patent also describes about the sensors and haptics used in digital panel, that will ultimately help to detect and receive variety of user inputs.

The patent also describe a peripheral rotating dial, like Microsoft Surface Dial. This new Apple dial could attach to the virtual surface area and allow for advanced, precision manipulation of certain inputs. It looks a lot like a cylindrical-shaped peripheral allowing for advanced interaction.

The another patent describes about adding touch sensitivity to the areas on keyboard. If the digital paneling would not replace the keyboard then there will be this touch sensitivity areas, below and to the right and left of the keyboard, it will be like a expanded Touch Bar.

The third patent is about build quality of MacBook. Apple is planing a keyboard that’s been sealed beneath a protective membrane designed to keep out, presumably, destructive substances like water and dust. It will have a fabric cover that is sealed with a membrane underneath.

Apple’s patent application (No. 20180217669) was filed back in March, 2018. If you are interested in reading the technical details of Apple’s  MacBook patent in detail visit — Patently Apple.

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