Apple Officially Became The America’s Trillion Dollar Company

The company that is started by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak with money they receives after selling there Volkswagen (Steve Jobs) and HP scientific calculator (Steve Wozniak) in a small garage become Americas first $1 trillion company. Yes ! you read that right Apple is now officially the first trillion-dollar company, beating Amazon to the historic milestone.

On Thursday, Apple’s stocks app for iOS, which is associate for data sharing from Yahoo Finance puts Apple’s value over $1 trillion. Company’s stocks receives a increased of 3 percent in third-quarter hitting sock price about $207.05 per share. If we calculate then the total number of Apple share then it is 4,829,926,000, a stock price of $207.05 make Apple’s Americas first $1 trillion company. Apple value is now up more than 20% this year.

Even through Apple’s close to the trillion-dollar valuation, but it is not clear yet. According to Google Financ company has $955.08 billion in market.

Note that Apple is not the first publicly traded company in the world to surpass the trillion dollar mark though. It was Oil giant PetroChina (PTR) that becomes world’s first  $1 trillion company in 2007 for some period of time.

In the race of becoming a trillion dollor company Amazon is also trying hard. Amazon worth around $900 billion in market value in July. Google and Microsoft are each now worth more than $800 billion.

It will be interesting to see how long Apple keep the tile of trillion dollar company. Many researcher are saying Apple need new product to keep sales and profits booming. Apple’s most of profit came from the sales of the iPhone.

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