Amazon Patents AR Goggles That Spy On Activities Of Warehouse Workers

Amazon has it’s own way of using Augmented Reality. Company has filed a fresh patented of Augmented Reality Goggles to keep a close eyes on employees working at Warehouse. The patent was filed in March 2017, but just became publicly get available in this week. The Amazon patent was published by the United States Patent Office.

Amazon describes the technology as a time-saving device. As per the patent the AR Goggles would connect to a computing device that’s worn on the employee’s body, which powers the turn-by-turn data.

This AR Goggles will track the activities of the employees. According to Gizmodo the Goggles would also track ‘orientation data, pitch, yaw and accelerometer data,’ which could translate to things like walking speed and their exact. It will instruct and direct the employees around Amazon warehouses. This AR goggles will guide employees where to place certain objects in one of Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

However it seems the device’s primary use would be to help employees to navigate at Amazon’s warehouses, but the patent have raised the anger of privacy advocates who believe they could be used for far more nefarious purposes, such as tracking employees’ every move and training the robots with this data.

Amazon patent. AR goggles

Trade Union GMB also raised question on this idea and accused Amazon of “treating staff like robots”.

Tim Roache, GMB general secretary said Amazon workers are under “such pressure” that reports have been filed about staff “urinating in water bottles because targets don’t give time for toilet breaks”.

“We already know Amazon treats staff like robots, now they’re essentially trying to chip them.”

“Technology in the modern workplace can be used to increase efficiency, make work easier, better and less stressful. Or it can be used like this: big brother bosses spying on their workers every step.” He added.

In defense, Amazon said it has “nothing to do” with surveilling employees. Technology has empowered and enabled workplaces throughout human history.

‘Smart glasses and head-up displays are already helping people in lots of ways – providing doctors with information to perform surgery, drivers with information to help them drive safely, and athletes with information to achieve their goals.

‘We are always thinking of ways that innovation can further improve the employee experience – such as this conceptual idea for augmented reality glasses that would free up fulfillment center associates’ hands from carrying the hand-held scanners commonly used in warehouses around the world to locate items for customers.”

It is not the first time that Amazon facing criticism on there work ethics. Recently Amazon has come under fire for the working conditions at its fulfillment warehouses. The employees complaint that they’re sometimes unable to get a break during the day, even to go to the restroom.

Here you can look at the Amazon patent.

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