You Can Have Access To 5779 Publications From Google Research Right Now

Google research is one of the most exciting platforms where you can find tonnes of information, it a place where Google maintains a portfolio of research projects driven by fundamental research, new product innovation, product contribution, and infrastructure goals with freedom to emphasize specific types of work.

Google research has mainly four dimensions that are basic research and fundamental applied research, new product innovation, critical product contributions, and the infrastructure.

We can also divide the research projects into 2 categories that are short-term like improving the performance of some already existing product & long-term where they are creating a new product or framework.

Google tackles the most challenging problems in computer science and aims to make discoveries that solve major difficult problems in various different fields and produce an impact that could benefit everyone.

Google research follows the approach of sharing the research and tools to fuel progress in various different fields. The researchers publish regularly in academic journals, release projects as open-source.

You can have access to its research work as they publish it. Precisely you can access all the 5779 available publications (793 only in 2019) and get inspired, get informed, and learn from it.

Google research has a total of twenty-three research areas that include Algorithms and Theory, Data Management, Data Mining and Modeling, Distributed Systems and Parallel Computing, Education Innovation.

Other includes Economics and Electronic Commerce, General Science, Health & Bioscience, Human-Computer Interaction and Visualization, Information Retrieval and the Web, Hardware and Architecture, Machine Intelligence, Machine Perception, Machine Translation, Natural Language Processing.

And lastly, Mobile System, Quantum Computing, Robotics, Networking, Security, Privacy and Abuse Prevention, Software Engineering, Software Systems, Speech Processing are included in it.

The goal of Google Research is to create a research environment rich in opportunities for product impact, to build a production environment that actively benefits from research, and to provide our staff the freedom to work on significant research problems that are not tied to immediate product needs.

This enormous database of research is very useful for everyone if you are going to publish your first research paper this is the place from where you can relate your paper with other similar and can make find areas of improvement, you can refer this research paper as a base for your next upcoming paper.

It is a very handy tool, in particular when it comes to advances in quantum algorithms and hardware, new machine learning algorithms and improvements to AutoML, and others.

Google said “the ways in which artificial intelligence is built and deployed will significantly affect society. Our AI Principles form an ethical charter that guides the development and use of AI in our research and products.”

As per the website, Google supports and participates in the academic research community through meaningful engagement with university faculty. Their ongoing programs provide funding for academic research, as well as enable faculty to collaborate with Google researchers.

In order to support and deepen the relationship with the next generation of researchers, Google offers fellowships, scholarships, internships and other student opportunities.

You can have access to all publications by Google Research since 1998 from a total of 5779 publications.

Link: Google Research database

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