Meet Autoblow The World’s First Artificial Intelligence Powered SEX TOY

These days AI is doing so many things, right from driving cars to writing poems, but this kind of application of AI is totally crazy, a company has created the world’s first AI-powered sex toy.

The device is called ‘Autoblow AI’ and it has been developed by a US-based company Very Intelligent E-commerce Inc (VIECI). According to the company, the Autoblow uses Artificial Intelligence to improve performance and can be programmed to suit the desires of a user.

According to the press release, utilizing machine learning to study the actions of blowjobs, the Autoblow AI has figured out how to give men 10 different oral sex experiences.

Brian, the device’s inventor said: “By using AI, for the first time, understand the mechanics of blowjobs, we discovered and replicated techniques that make using our machine feel less robotic and more human.”

“The 10th mode is the enhanced A.I. experience that is different every time it is selected, & thus is not shown. Importantly, we learned that pauses are an important feature of oral sex as it is given in real life & we have incorporated pauses into several of the experiences” he added.

To create Autoblow AI and designed this 10 different oral sex techniques the team of scientists, studied more than 8,333 minutes (almost 6 full days) of videos containing oral sex performed upon men.

Meet Autoblow The World's First Artificial Intelligence Powered SEX TOY

The team watched the videos at 50% speed and manually moved a drawing of a head on a drawing of a penis to indicate the actions occurring in the films.

The computer captured 30 screenshots of the video per second and captured the location data of the head using our input method. A quality controller then re-watched the recordings and eliminated ones that were inaccurate.

Ultimately in this process, the team of scientists was managed to produce an entire paper outlining their collected dataset that revealed 16 movements that are “the building blocks of blowjobs.”

The result of the data ingestion efforts was 1 terabyte of images containing oral sex performed upon men, each tagged with a time within the oral sex film from which they were saved and an approximation of how much penis was inserted how deeply into the oral sex giver’s mouth.

After data collection, the team normalized the data at 16 frames per second.

The scientists fragmented the data into chunks and then applied K means algorithm on the mouth position data to discover the 16 most used mouth locations along the penis, during blowjobs.

After that, they trained a model that classified sequences of head movements into clusters.

After discarding some movements that were too passive for retreating into our machine, the scientists used the head/mouth movements we discovered to create our product’s modes.

The team uses machine learning to analyze a large dataset of oral sex videos to discover for the first time the actual movements that occur during blowjobs. Scientists then turned the results of the research into Autoblow A.I’s 10 blowjob experiences.

Meet Autoblow The World's First Artificial Intelligence Powered SEX TOY 3

“We spent the last three years listening to feedback from our 200,000 Autoblow 2 owners and in response built the new machine that mechanically better replicates the gliding and friction combination of the mouth and hand that men experience during oral sex,” said Brian Sloan,

The Autoblow AI is powerful and smart machine and it has the ability to deliver a high-tech masturbatory experience has many excited about the possibilities for a product that can anticipate your desires.

The machine can move its premium silicone sleeve and carriage between any of 250 different points at a variety of velocities, unlocking sensations previously caused only by humans. An “edging” feature allows users to pause movement at any time to prolong enjoyment or to practice lasting longer.

The Autoblow AI comes equipped with a ‘flesh-like’ sleeve and a ‘five-inch long stroking plane’ that is manipulated and by infrared sensors. However, the device is not battery operated and must be plugged into an electric socket for use.

The Autoblow AI is programmed in such a way that it uses information that is already been gathered via their extensive, independent research, Brian says there’s no reason for the device itself to connect to the Internet.

“The problem is that Internet-connected toys sound kind of sexy, but the reality is that there are some privacy concerns,” Brian explains, referencing the controversy surrounding We-Vibe’s “We-Connect” app. “There are a few toys for men that are connected to the Internet, but you’re basically taking something simple and making it way more complicated.”

If anything, Brian views Internet-connected toys as novelties, arguing that “the moment you have to start configuring, troubleshooting, logging into a platform, and paying monthly bill is the moment masturbation doesn’t become fun anymore.”

“I think it removes this natural aspect of masturbation,” he concludes.

The price of the device is not cheap; it’ll reportedly cost an interested buyer around $249 which equals Rs. 17,372.

According to the company, the stock is available and begins shipping next week for all backers who backed from the beginning of the campaign until August 14th, 2019.  Backers who backed after August 14, 2019, will be shipped in the second half of September 2019.

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