The Start Of AI Killing Jobs Of Models, Here Are 100,000 Free AI-generated Potentiates

With the rapid advancement in deepfake and many image processing algorithms, It’s now almost confirmed that in upcoming days we will not going require humans as models in many styles of photography.

A company called Icons8 has released a massive collection of 100,000 free AI-generated faces, faces of people who do not exist and these all headshots can be used by anyone, they are royalty-free.

The team of Icons8 said that ‘these people aren’t real! We are building the next generation of media through the power of AI. Copyrights, distribution rights, and infringement claims will soon be things of the past.”

These free AI-generated images can be used in a variety of ways for example in web and mobile applications, email newsletters, landing pages, user avatars, advertisement posters and much more.

All the 100k images are available through Generated.Photos on the Google Drive platform. If you find one that you want to use, simply add a link attribution to and work done.

To generate these 100,ooo photos, the team spent thousands of hours shooting models in the house. Each of the models signed releases for the database so that when you decide to use one of their faces, you will not have to worry about copyrights for commercial or personal projects.

The team said, “our dataset has been built by taking twenty-nine thousand-plus photos of sixty-nine different models over the last two years in our studio.”

“We took these photos in a controlled environment (similar lighting and post-processing) to make sure that each face had consistent high output quality. After shooting, we underwent labor-intensive tasks such as tagging and categorizing.”

Zhabinskiy is keen to emphasize that the AI used to generate these images was trained using data shot in-house, rather than using stock media or scraping photographs from the internet. “Such an approach requires thousands of hours of labor, but in the end, it will certainly be worth it!” exclaims an Icons8 blog post.

After the team gets finished with the dataset creation processes, machine learning model creation and scripting for mass image generation, the team then used StyleGAN to construct a realistic set of 100,000 faces.

The team said, “the feature of this faces are: – Consistent lighting, Consistent sizing, Range of angles, positions, Range of facial expressions, Wide variety of ethnicities, All ages, All face shapes”.

On review, we find that all the faces aren’t perfect and really look crazy. When we asked the team why some faces look wiered they said, “Generating media can definitely come out weird at times! ”

“Some faces will have strange ‘stuff’ in the background, while others just seem slightly off for no apparent reason. For example, we have noted a common issue with something that looks like a crater appearing in random places. ”

“Those familiar with generative adversarial networks have likely seen worse. Our whole process is designed to gradually improve the final results and we are far from done yet! We find these stages of growth quite fascinating”.

“Take a look at this early sample to see where we started: We’re currently busy behind the scenes selecting out the highest-quality generated images. It’s a relatively simple classification task, but it does take time; you’ll see more from us soon!”

“This work isn’t just a one-off novelty,” explains Icons8 on Generated.Photos. “We are building an entire toolset that will let anyone harness the creative power of AI as easily as integrating an API.”

The team is working on produce a simple API that can easily generate new photographs based on a variety of inputs, allowing designers to quickly produce photorealistic images to illustrate their work without having to worry about copyright or model releases.

The stated goal of this project and the toolset that Icons8 is planning to create is to help designers who need portraits for their websites, apps or presentations. An unintended side-effect might be the total obliteration of a piece of the stock photography industry.

The Generated Media, Inc. is incorporated in the USA, but the whole team is distributed. The founder is Argentinian and the majority of the team are Russian speaking.

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